During this Pandemic we as Ministers and Leaders of Christian Organisations have been meeting through ZOOM each Thursday morning at 7.30am. More details from Coordinator Howard Astin.


  • We come together to pray and to affirm the power of prayer.
  • We come together as Christian leaders, each being ready and available to be involved and willing to take on responsibilities under God.
  • We seek Unity that is real as we relate to each other and work with each other.
  • We want to see Jesus at the centre of all we do and of all that we are.
  • We affirm the Bible as the Word of God.
  • We affirm the local church as the hope for the world and our city and see the necessity for churches across the city to be in relationship with each and to work together in ‘what we see the Father doing’ in our city.


Our passion and desire is to see the city of Bradford transformed physically, economically and spiritually so that God’s will is done here on earth.

We seek to see the churches and Christian organisations of Bradford coming together and working together. We consider our heart and calling to be city-wide as well as towards our own ‘local’ calling.

We see the involvement we each make as being part of the whole and seek to encourage and help those alongside us in the work of establishing God’s Kingdom.

Our vision is to play a major role within the City of Bradford. Wherever we can we take steps to strengthen the representation and profile from the Bradford Christians at city level.

Leadership is vital and should be under the anointing God gives, so we pray for anointed leadership of the City as well as of Prayer for Bradford.


We meet for breakfast prayer meetings fortnightly at 7am on a Thursday. Alternate meetings are at different locations across the city – sometimes at church or at Christian organisations. At least three times a year these prayer meetings will be prayer walks ending at a central location for breakfast.

These prayer breakfasts will often centre on a specific topic/area for prayer. Where possible these times should be instigated by someone who is able to give informed input on that particular topic/area. It is important that we are given a city-wide perspective on the subject rather than just one person’s or projects perspective, so we will invite contributors accordingly.

We sometimes hold Prayer and Worship Celebrations across the City, when we encourage all the members of our churches and organisations to attend. To work out unity together we will run and encourage attendance at joint training and other events across the city.

We will spend time listening to God and sharing words/pictures amongst each other as we pray for Bradford and seek to catch God’s vision for what He wants to do in Bradford.

We will seek to develop our relationships one with another.

We will seek ways to get to know each other better, other than just through attendance at prayer breakfasts or central gatherings. How we each do this is personal to us, but we will actively take steps to accomplish this as it is vital in the whole picture.

We will regularly devote a prayer breakfast to sharing our individual, church’s or organisation’s concerns with each other and then praying about these. We will encourage each other as we pray for and support each other in our local focus. We will also support each other as we individually or as groups develop and undertake city-wide initiatives.

We will seek to have a voice into the City of Bradford through the media.

We will encourage leaders and assistants of churches and Christian organisations known to us to join in this task.

Each participating church or organisation will be asked to pay approximately £120 per year, preferably by £10 per month standing order to the Prayer for Bradford account as a sign of its commitment and to help defray expenses and help support some of the joint initiatives.

We will live lives of expectancy and lead others in their expectation of seeing God bring His Kingdom more and more in Bradford.