Black Lives Matter Statement – June 2020

Prayer For Bradford believes: Black Lives Matter

Dated: June 2020

In the light of George Floyd’s death, and Black deaths in similar circumstances, we take our stand with the Black community to say that Black Lives Matter. While we do not condone violent activities in protesting, we instead choose to focus on the underlying issues of systemic and institutionalised racism. Racism that has led to injustice and unrighteousness, causing unnecessary death.

As Christian Leaders within the Bradford Metropolitan District we publicly declare our stance against all forms of racism within our city, our nation and throughout the world. We also humble ourselves to listen and learn how we can be better allies to our black community. As Justin Welby and John Sentamu said in a recent joint statement: “We all bear the responsibility and must play our part to eliminate this scourge on humanity.” We ask the Holy Spirit to highlight within us any areas where we have practised racism – in our words, in our thoughts or in our actions. We confess these areas before God and each other, and we repent before God and each other. We receive God’s forgiveness and pray for forgiveness from those we have wronged.

In our words and actions going forward, we commit to an ongoing self-assessment of our attitudes and values in relation to racism in all its forms and pray to be more Christ-like. We commit to playing our part in identifying and eradicating racism inherent and embedded in our institutions, cultures, media, education, and employment practices. We stand with all those who would speak out against racism, prejudice, injustice and oppression, and who are committed to listening and changing in order to build a better future together.

We will continue to work together to end racism and we ask the Spirit of Jesus to touch and turn our hearts, renew our minds and forge our actions forward in kindness, humility and love.

Rev Howard Astin, Coordinator, Outworks Bradford and Prayer For Bradford
Helen Astin, Coordinator Outworks Bradford
Matt Barlow, Senior Pastor Light Church
Rev Chris Barnes, Outworks Bradford
Rev John Bavington, Vicar St John’s Great Horton
Jeanie Bavington, St John’s Great Horton
Cassie Biggin, Leader 3 Gardens
Gilbert Boatey, Pastor Global Ministry of Champions AOG
Rev Nick Blundel, Methodist Bradford North Circuit
Nigel & Joan Bull, St Philip’s Girlington
Rev Chris Chorlton, Vicar Girlington Heaton and Manningham
Pastor Mel Clark, Elim Gateway
Lindon Craven, Chaplain Bradford Forster Academy
Ben Cross, Bradford VCS Alliance
Jan De Villiers, Futurekraft
Rev Adam Dickson, St John’s Great Horton
Phil Dyson, Sunbridge Road Mission
Rev Graham Ensor, Regional Leader Baptist Union
Rev Ashley Evans, Minister Bolton Villas URC Church Wrose
Warren Evans, CEO Sports Chaplaincy UK
Rev Rosy Fairhurst, Vicar St Augustines Undercliffe
Rich Garrett, Pastor Life Church
Rev George Gayle, Minister Clayton Methodist Church
Liz Gregg, Leader Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry
Rev Stuart Gregg, Leader Celebrate Church Bradford
Pete Gunstone, Fountains Church Bradford
Darryl Hackett, Chaplain Bradford Academy
Karl Hanton, Youth Pastor Bolton Villas URC Church Wrose
Jonathan Hayes, Neighbourhood Area Coordinator Bradford Council
Terry Henry, Leader Prayer For Bradford
Rev Jimmy Hinton, Vicar St Stephen’s West Bowling
Rev Gary Hodgson, Vicar St Christopher’s Holme Wood
Rev Helen Hodgson, Vicar St Mary’s Laisterdyke
Rt Rev Toby Howarth, Bishop of Bradford
Trevor Jackson, Church on the Way Idle
Jock James, Pastor Life Church
Rev Ian Jennings, Vicar Holy Trinity Low Moor and St Andrews Oakenshaw
Rev Sue Jennings, Parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham
Ven Andy Jolley, Archdeacon of Bradford
Rev Derek Jones, St Oswalds and all Saints Little Horton
Clare Leighton, Parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham
Rev Stephen Lees, Vicar St James Bolton Road
Colin Lowther, Director Reach Beyond
Jonny Mansfield, Fountains Church
Rev Linda Maslen, Vicar Fountains Church
Chris Mason, Pastor The Oak Church
Rev Paul Maybury, Bradford Cathedral
Henry Merriweather, Bolton Villas URC Church Wrose
Stewart & Gaynor Morris, City Valley Church Shipley
Furaha Mussanzi, Millside Centre Gratton Road
Rev Akpo Onduku, Pastor Chapel of Grace Great Horton Road
Dave Paterson, Leeds United in Poverty Action
Rev Tim Peebles, Minister at large Bradford
Rev Matthew Pilkington, Minister Sunbridge Road Mission
Rev Nathanael Poole, Fountains Church
Rev Andrew Popplewell, Leader Cedar Tree Church
Rev Hannah Raitt, St Stephen’s West Bowling
Christopher Rushton, Pastor Clayton Gospel Hall
Theo Sheridan-Watts, Wellsprings Together
Rev Philippa Slingsby, St Christopher’s Holme Wood
Paul Stephens, Community Action Bradford
Andy Sykes, CEO Emerge Youth Project
Mathew Tapusoa, Pastor Go Church
Rev Tim Thomas, Vicar St John’s Bowling
Rev Stephen Treasure, Vicar St Oswald’s and All Saints Little Horton
Andy Wade, Minister Bierley Bethel Community Church
Bruce Warren, Encountering the World of Islam
Deborah Warren, Encountering the World of Islam
Rev Paul Wheelhouse, Vicar St John’s Bierley