Royal Daughters is an organisation that brings women of all ages together so that they can learn from one another and support each other as is advised in Titus 2:3-5. The ministry draws its name from Psalm 45:13 which says “The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace…”
One of the objectives of The Royal Daughters is to build the self-esteem of women by encouraging them to see the truth of the glorious women that God has created them to be and help them to walk in this truth. Activities include prayer meetings, monthly seminars and workshops and an annual Conference with leading women speakers from around the world.

Future Leaders Academy – It is said that every system rises and falls on leadership. The famous Law of Explosive Growth states that to add to growth, lead followers; but to multiply, lead leaders. To attain a strong nation we need to develop leaders at all levels of the society. The young people in our nation can rise and take our nation to greatness again through the right perspective of leadership. This must take a deliberate approach from the schools to the marketplace and to the neighbourhoods.

This therefore is an initiative to transform the perspective of young men and women and instil in them a culture of responsibility, peace, determination and focus. Topics addressed ranges from Leadership Redefined, Leadership Undefiled, Impactful Leadership, Game Changing Leadership, The Innovative Leader, Pitfalls of Leadership and more. Activities include Conversation Series, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and other Training programmes.

Please Pray – for all who attend = the future leaders!

Address: Chapel of Grace, 355 Great Horton Road, BD7 3BZ