Emerge is a youth work charity based in BD4. We aim to inspire lasting, positive change in the lives of young people by growing long-term, holistic youth work in local schools and community settings.

Our work develops supportive, consistent relationships, built on meeting young people in multiple settings and developing programmes which meet their needs.
These include:
• A community-based programmes including sport, social action and leadership development in partnership with local churches and community centres
• School based interventions supporting young people to develop resilience and overcome barriers
• A range of targeted projects addressing exploitation and supporting Looked After Children
• Opportunities for young people to explore faith and meet with others to build community within our Friday evening congregation (Xstream)

Alongside the above we over support to churches looking to begin or develop youth work offering organisational support and mentoring for youth workers.

Please pray for:
-the young people we meet, many of whom live in tough and situations.
-our team of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to bring hope and love into their lives.
-the growth of strong partnerships and the resources to be found and sustained to better reach and impact young people in the future.

Contact: Andy Sykes

Phone Number: 01274 660244

Email: andys@emergeonline.org.uk

Website: http://www.emergeonline.org.uk