homeless beanies

Homeless Beanies’ goal is simple, it is measurable and achievable. We want to warm hundreds of heads and from there, the growth potential for an idea like Homeless Beanies is literally limitless. A syndicated statement has been the theme of many activist groups; “Think globally, act locally.” With Homeless Beanies we have the potential to think locally, act locally, and to think globally, and act globally.

By buying a beanie for yourself or a friend, you give someone a little bit of hope. Sometimes all people need is a spark and you will ignite a flame inside of them that is contagious. Be inspired, if buying a beanie is all it takes to change a piece of your world; why wouldn’t you?

Please Pray for –

  • Knitting groups to get involved
  • Our first employed formerly homeless person
  • The homeless in our city and others, that they may find peace