Shine exists to improve the lives of the people who live in West Bowling. We do that in a number of ways: Socially – so through events to bring the community together, activities for young people and other groups; Health activities like exercise classes; Inner wellbeing, encouraging people to find transformation – this can be through art and friendship as we tell them about Jesus; Natural environment so we garden together and encourage ‘grow and eat’ schemes; and Economic – we have a CAP Job Club, provide a place to do job searches and are a Credit Union centre.

Please pray for:

  • Our partnership with e:merge as we link with primary schools and look at helping some of the vulnerable young people in our community.
  • The huge job of transforming our church building into a ‘story centre’ to be used for all these activities.
  • Lives in West Bowling to be transformed by Jesus.

Contact: Sarah Hinton

Phone Number: 01274 738490