Sports Chaplaincy UK – a brief description of what is done and the area it operates in: Sports Chaplaincy UK is a National Christian charity that believes the local church is God’s plan “A”.
We have a dream to see an expression of God’s love and compassion in every community called sport. Sports Chaplaincy UK helps support, train and facilitate the appointment of sports chaplains in conjunction with the local church. Sports Chaplaincy UK is about finding fresh ways of modelling and demonstrating the radical love of Jesus in the life of the wider community.
This ministry is at its heart is all about service – “Serving sport through excellence in Chaplaincy”, turning rhetoric in to reality. Sport is more than an activity, it’s a community of people consisting of more than 25 million men, women and children in the UK – what a mission field!
The charity has seen an explosion in both the need for and people becoming Sports Chaplain – it is one of the fastest growing ministries of its type in the globe. There are hundreds of chaplains in the UK and Ireland, providing spiritual and pastoral care to professional and amateur sport.
Sports Chaplaincy UK locally, there is a chaplain at Bradford City and opportunities to serve at Bradford Bulls and Bradford Park Avenue.
Sports Chaplaincy UK also facilitates and supports “National Sports Sunday” which is the 17th May 2020 encouraging the local church to think and pray for their community of sport.

Contact: Warren Evans

Address: Odsal Stadium, Rooley Avenue, Bradford, BD6 1BS.

Phone Number: 0800 181 4051