The CAP debt centre (Bradford West) has been running for just over 2 years and we have seen an average of two new clients every month since then. Such is the problem of personal debt in the city that we have a permanent three month waiting list and we would love to be able to see more clients in the future.

Prayer point – that we have wisdom to be able to deal with people who find themselves in very difficult circumstances.

In addition to the running of a Christians Against Poverty Centre, the Bradford Family Church HEATON JOB CLUB has been running since June 2013 with a break over the summer. After a slow start we are now seeing our first regular clients (currently 4 at the moment). The Job Club is a Christians Against Poverty Job Club. It runs weekly on a Wednesday from 10:30am to 1pm at Heaton Village Hall. The Job Club helps people to find a job for the first time or to get back into work. It involves one to one coaching, an 8 week ‘Journey To Work’ course and an opportunity for clients to share experiences with each other. The Job Club covers all the practical aspects to finding, and keeping, a job – things such as writing a good CV, being better in interviews, searching on-line. Ultimately, the process builds an individual’s confidence in their ability to get a job.

Please pray – that not only will all our clients find meaningful work, but that through us, they will find Jesus along the way too.

Contact: Terry Henry