The Thornbury Centre

The Thornbury Centre has worked with its communities for over 13yrs. Our vision is to bring communities and partners from all sectors come together to rebuild the area’s social capital so we have pro-active prosperous citizens who experience good health and wellbeing.

All our projects aim to achieve:

  • Positive Change: bringing together individuals, communities, private, public and voluntary sector organisations and different faiths to initiate and facilitate positive change
  • Lasting social cohesion: providing opportunities to bridge the gap between communities
  • Improved holistic health and wellbeing: ensuring those in conditions of need, hardship or distress, or who are marginalised or isolated receive the help they need through of the provision of a range of caring and ethical services
  • Capable and responsible citizens: providing opportunities for people to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding they need

Our current projects include:

  • LACO Project – which works with new CEE communities particularly Roma
  • Street Life – an asset based approach to engage local residents to work together to bring change to their lives and their environment
  • BE Together – works with residents to improve social cohesion and build networks of support to deal with the issues they face

Please pray for us:

  • To have the wisdom to understand how to address the issues and challenges we face
  • To have the resources we need to support community members to achieve the changes they need
  • To have the vision and faith to overcome whatever hurdles are placed before us

Contact: Helen Speight - Development Manager

Address: Leeds Old Road, Bradford, BD3 8JX

Phone Number: 01274 666649