zephaniah trust

The Zephaniah Trust exists primarily to take the message of Jesus into schools in and around Bradford. We use music and the arts as a means of engaging and communicating with children.

Our three key workers, John Froud (singer/songwriter), Julie Wilkinson (storyteller) and Sheena Froud (Bible Times Exhibition Coordinator) lead assemblies, RE lessons and presentations, both in schools and at host churches. We run arts workshops and events within schools and for community groups. In total we work in over 50 schools across the city, and we collaborate with other organisations and churches to run holiday clubs, the Big Light Party and other events and projects.

Please pray for:

  • Our staff team: John, Julie, Sheena, and Jenny our administrator.
  • The children and teachers that hear our words – that those seeds may one day bear fruit.
  • The necessary funding and volunteers to support our work.
  • A vision for the future of the Trust and its work.

Contact: Jenny

Email: office@zephaniah.eclipse.co.uk