St Oswald’s West End Centre is set within St Oswald’s church on Southfield Rd. West End offers many activities including…
• IT facilities Jobsearch and Introduction to English.
• Gardening. Art & Crafts.
• Internet Café to encourage healthy eating.
• Lunch Club – a two course home cooked lunch
• interfaith sewing group – bring those of different faiths and cultures together.
• Mental health and peer support groups.
• Functional skills tuition.
• Walking Group.

The Westend Centre continues to offer a warm welcome to all comers of all faiths and of none, as well as the practical support and friendship to cope when life gets difficult.

Please pray for:
o Ongoing support and financial stability.
o Give thanks for the positive impact the Westend Centre has had, and the strong reputation it has gained as a result.
o The staff team and volunteers.
o All those who have come to see the Westend Centre as their home away from home.

Contact: Mrs Christine Mann

Address: Little Horton, BD5 9DH

Phone Number: 07853 240809